Monday, June 26, 2006

I LIKE THE LITTLE THINGS: Three pop-cultural events hit my radar screen this weekend. Sadly, third prize goes to the only one I hadn't seen before -- Cars. Generally speaking, I think I can summarize Cars in a single word: yawn. Pretty animation, the tractor-tipping bits were cute, and the last 15 minutes were highly enjoyable if rather predictable. But the hour-plus in the middle where Lightning McQueen learns that he isn't the only car on the road? Yawn. (The customary short feature before the movie, One Man Band, kicked Cars' chassis all over the place.) Cosmo Girl spent most of the movie running around the theatre, and has requested that in future, we only see movies at home so that if she gets bored, she can run around and do something else without getting lectured about her inappropriate behavior. I have to say, I feel her pain.

Second prize goes to last night's early Season 2 rerun of Grey's Anatomy -- Deny Deny Deny -- in which we get to know Ellis Grey a bit, Bailey loses it a bit, Cristina loses it a lot, and George gets to announce repeatedly and with increasing futility that he is a surgeon. (Incidentally, promos indicate that starting on Thursday, July 6, ABC will be reairing Grey's from the beginning, in what may be two-episode blocks, for the rest of the summer to get everyone used to their new Thursday night viewing schedule.)

But the big winner of the weekend (or maybe it actually aired earlier in the week, but I watched it last night so it counts as part of the weekend) was Bartlet for America. I miss John Spencer in a way that I never miss dead famous people whom I've never met. Ain't nothing but a family thing.

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