Thursday, June 29, 2006

THEY'D BETTER BE CHEAPER THAN THE HBO SETS: I love TV on DVD. I'm slowly making my way through Veronica Mars: The Complete First Season, and picked up Entourage: The Complete Second Season yesterday. But something's been giving me some pause--in a world where you can get The Flying Nun, Charles in Charge, and Gimme A Break!, why aren't other TV series available. Here's three I'd buy in a heartbeat:
  • L.A. Law. Sure, it's incredibly unrealistic, the characters are frequently shallow as all get-out, and wow, some of those plot contrivances. (Need I say more than "elevator shaft?"), but 12 Emmys (including 4 for best drama)? That says something.
  • Picket Fences. Every criticism and joy of David E. Kelley is on display here--the sometimes excessive weirdness, political sermonizing (particularly in the later seasons), and unnecessary cross-overs with other shows in the Kelleyverse. But 14 Emmys (including 2 for best drama) should speak for themselves.
  • My So-Called Life: Special Edition. Sure, an extremely expensive, extras-free edition arrived in 2002, but I want a full edition, with commentary tracks, documentaries, cast reunion, and everything else. Logically, they should have done a 10th anniversary edition in 2004-2005, but can we maybe get a "15th Anniversary edition?" I know music rights have been a big tie-up for this show (and I do want the original music), but I suspect Buffalo Tom could use the money.

(Also, in research for this post, I learned that the following shows were nominated for a "Best Drama Series" Emmy--Quantum Leap (3 times), Beauty and The Beast (twice), and Moonlighting (twice? isn't it a comedy?).)

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