Thursday, June 29, 2006

YOU CAN THINK I'M WRONG, BUT THAT'S NO REASON TO QUIT THINKING: Now, I can get why the pilot for My Name Is Earl took this year's Humanitas prize (for "life-affirming television") for 30-minute television for "its light hearted portrayal of how we can right our wrongs." More interesting is that House, everybody's favorite drug-addicted misanthrope, won the 60-minute prize for "Three Stories," namely, "its poignant probe into the pain and confusion that comes when someone we love disappoints us." I love Dr. Hizzy as much as the next guy, but weren't there other episodes that might have fit better ("Autopsy," with the girl fighting cancer, or "Honeymoon," the Season 1 finale, for instance)? Also, Tuesday's second episode, "The Mistake," demonstrates why the House writers need to abandon the standard (albeit effective) format more frequently.

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