Wednesday, June 28, 2006

RONALD MILLER RETURNS! So did the Cuban rumba remind anyone else of Patrick Dempsey's dance in Can't Buy Me Love? Very cool and all, but oh-so-reminiscent of one of my favorite 80s films.

Tonight proved a few things: (1) No one ever excels at the quickstep. (2) Choreography is of critical importance to this competition. That Natalie/Travis travesty sucked in a way that struck me as primarily a choreography problem, and Alex Da Silva's routines were spot on gorgeous tonight. (3) Hurray for Ashley finally getting to dance hip hop! (4) The whole pop "style" of dance bothers me.

Aleksandra is toast, I believe. As for the guys, my own personal ouster vote goes to Jaymz or however he spells his ridiculous name.

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