Thursday, August 10, 2006

HEY 33, THAT'S 'RETHA FRANKLIN. SHE DON'T REMEMBER THE QUEEN OF SHRIEKING AS LOUD AS SHE CAN WITH NO APPARENT RESPECT FOR THE SONG ITSELF: Oh, am I giving away my Rock Star: Supernova bias here? Anyway, hard to argue with the elimination this week. One comment and one question, though. First, after the way Metallica famously treated Newsted after he replaced Cliff Burton, and after they made Dave Mustaine, in a similar position, cry on-camera in Some Kind of Monster, I never thought anything would make me take James Hetfield's side. That said, Newsted's showy ponderousness is getting me pretty close. Like Jay Bennett in I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, he's the classic Exasperatingly Fragile Bandmate. If you've been in a band, you know (or are) this guy. And he wears fingerless wool gloves in Los Angeles in August. How can he be in a band with party monsters Lee and Clarke?

Second, why do Tommy Lee's shirts have buttons?

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