Sunday, August 6, 2006

I WOULD'VE NAMED THEM 'DR. QUINN' AND 'MEDICINE WOMAN': Look, there is a lot to commend about Talladega Nights, and I share Matt's recommendation that you see it. There's a lot of really funny stuff going on there, starting with Will Ferrell's wonderful dumb exuberance, and the cast is well-stocked with comedy greatness -- John C. Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen, 40YOV's Jane Lynch (at 46, playing 39-y.o. Ferrell's mom, though?), Molly Shannon, Fish from Ally McBeal, Amy Adams, Bill Lumberg, Andy Richter . . .

. . . if anything, it's overstuffed, and there's just too many characters running around for the overall plot arc to be anything that matters -- not, necessarily, that you were supposed to care. But I'd trade off all the father issues and the gay stuff (really -- isn't just being a French NASCAR driver funny enough?) for a little more Ali G, and a little more of an attempt at emotional resonance.

Still -- see this movie. The two kids are also great, and laughing aloud in public is what movies are all about.

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