Thursday, November 30, 2006

AUTOMATIC? CHECK. SYSTEMATIC? PERHAPS. HYDROMATIC? DOUBTFUL: NBC's Who Wants To Star In Grease? will debut on NBC on Sunday, January 7, though unlike the UK version ("How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?"), we don't get the delightful (So) Graham Norton as a host or even Ant & Dec; we get Billy Bush. Ugh.

Judges will be two-time Tony Award-winner Kathleen Marshall, "Grease" co-creator Jim Jacobs, and "renowned theater producer David Ian". Ian also judged the UK edition, prompting comments from TWoP posters like, "David Ian is such an awful, dubious skeeve. His Mystic Tan is cringe inducing. God knows, I never expected someone would make Andrew Lloyd Webber seem comparatively human and sensible" and "He grosses me out so much, especially because he seems to think Maria should be a cross between Christina Aguilera and Kate Moss. She's an ex-nun! In a dirndl!"

The Apprentice: To Live And Dye in LA and Crossing Jordan to follow on Sundays, with Friday Night Lights being moved to Wednesdays at 8p.

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