Monday, December 18, 2006

TO REDEEM THE WORK OF FOOLS: Congratulations on winning Time's Person of the Year Award, but now you've got some work to do. I had already been planning on annointing a Thank Goodness for YouTube category in the ALOTT5MA Awards, and now, I'll just let y'all help sort out which video somehow best justifies or highlights what the technology now allows.

(As a side note, when I looked back at the comments we submitted before the FEC in June 2005, there's no mention of regulatory issues surrounding YouTube because it didn't even go public until barely more than a year ago -- our first YouTube link here was on 1/6/06.)

No more than three nominees per commenter. Mine are Julie Chen's "But First", Brokeback to the Future and the SexyBack video for The Office, all of which demonstrate what editing software, free worldwide distribution and the human imagination can harness.

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