Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DAD?! MOM?! Anyone besides me get a couple of nostalgic whiffs of Alias when watching this week's Heroes?

I'm glad that Boy Wonder has finally been revealed as a member of Team Mutation -- even if his Eriq-LaSalle-in-Coming-to-America hair and shave-it-or-bleach-it upper lip are really getting on my nerves. I'm unimpressed so far with the introduction of the Invisible Man, but thought that the fakeout in the hallway was a nice touch. I continue to love the sense of humor in the subtitling of Hiro's communications. (The "gasp" wasn't as funny as last week's subdued "whoosh", but still -- pretty funny.) I'm bored with Not-Detective Weiss's parlor tricks with the wife -- she didn't accidentally think about her little secret even once during all those giggly "guess what I'm thinking" games? And I'd like an explanation as to exactly which power led to Sylar's nifty trick.

Lots more one-off ruminations brewing, but I'll leave them for the comments.

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