Saturday, February 3, 2007

SEE YOU LATER, DECORATORS? We haven't had a thread about the debut of Top Design yet, so now that I've finally had a chance to see it, well, let's see how well it fits the requirements for a Bravo reality competition:
  • Allows us to enter the world of high-quality people being allowed to demonstrate high-end work to impress us: Yes.
  • High-class production values: Yes.
  • First elimination is clearly based on "who's going to make for good television?" and not "who did the worst job at this challenge?" Yes.
  • Does a decent job explaining what it is these people are doing so well: Eh.
  • Has a confident lead host-judge who conveys mastery of this sphere and doesn't sound like a Muppet every time he speaks: Hells no.
Will I watch again? Yes. Am I enraptured the way we were from the start of Runway? Not quite.

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