Friday, February 2, 2007

SO WHICH ONE OF THE TWO AMERICAS IS OUR COUNTRY? Not every political candidate can have a rockin' theme song--apparently, at least for the moment, John Edwards is using the much maligned in these parts "Our Country" as his entrance music. Still, I suppose it's a step up from the 1988 Dukakis theme music. (If I had more fluency in professional wrestling, there's assuredly a joke here, which you're invited to insert in the comments.)

edited by Adam: According to Jerome Armstrong, today's other song choices were Chris Dodd -- "Get Ready", by The Four Tops The Temptations; Hillary Clinton - "Right Here Right Now", by Jesus Jones; Wesley Clark -- "I Won't Back Down", cover by Johnny Cash. No music for Barack Obama or Dennis Kucinich, from what I've gathered so far.

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