Wednesday, January 10, 2007

THREE SIX MAFIA, ONE, SCORSESE, ZERO: Listening to my iPod today, I realized that this year is going to be the strongest year since 1999 for nominees in the Best Original Song category at the Oscars (when "Blame Canada," "Save Me," "Music Of The Heart," and "When She Loved Me" lost to "You'll Be In My Heart"). Not only do you have three original songs from Dreamgirls (the original "Campell Connection" song is too briefly featured to qualify), but also several original songs from Ben Folds from Over The Hedge, and songs from Jack Johnson, Melissa Etheridge, Avril Lavigne (whose song is shockingly great), OutKast, and Chris Cornell. The musical performances could actually be a reason to watch this year rather than just an excuse for the Debbie Allen Interpretive Dance Troupe to do their thing.

Related: Seven finalists for the Best Makeup Award. As amusing as it might be to refer to "Academy Award Nominees Click and Santa Clause 3," seems to me this is a virtual slam dunk for Pan's Labyrinth.

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