Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BECAUSE IT WOULD REALLY BE A SHAME TO CUT INTO ALL THOSE AIRINGS OF MIND OF MENCIA RERUNS: Comedy Central rejected this hi-larious pilot, which follows the exploits of a bunch of banned Major Leaguers trying to resurrect their careers playing in the independent minors for the Fresno Flood. Three Strikes, which boasts an impressive pedigree including Jon Stewart, has a great cast of characters including a hot-headed pitcher (think John Rocker, but likable), gun-toting, coke-sniffing outfielder (Rickey Henderson meets Willie Mays Hayes), an infielder caught on tape fencing Randy Johnson's jock, a ex-Korean slugger on 'roids, a weed-smoking catcher (a grown-up Engelberg), a brain-damaged mascot, red-assed manager, and an evangelical owner. The LA Times has more on Three Strikes and other pilots, like Nobody's Watching, making their way to the Web.

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