Monday, March 26, 2007

MNF IS GOING TO NEED A BIGGER BOAT: Finally yielding to common sense and football-consuming public consensus -- after only a year of everybody telling them that blowhard simpleton Joe Theismann was the worst thing about Monday Night Football and several years of being mocked for employing Theismann on Sunday Night Football -- ESPN has dropped Theismann from its MNF booth. Now there are only four most idiotic decisions left in sports -- Isiah Thomas as Knicks GM, Mike Hargrove as Mariners manager, Norv Turner as Chargers coach, and "This Is Our Country" as Chevy's heavy-rotation ad suicide.

Replacing Theismann is Ron Jaworski, a guy who's probably popular in some quarters of this blog's constituency, in part because of his pedigree but also in part because he's smart, he's not overbearing, and he never changed the pronunciation of his name in a failed attempt to beat Jim Plunkett out for an award. On the "minus" side of the ledger, Jaworski never was involved in the most memorable moment in MNF history.

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