Thursday, March 29, 2007

THERE ARE TWO INTERNET CELEBRITIES STANDING BEFORE ME, BUT I ONLY HAVE ONE PICTURE: Lots of people have been able to claim, momentarily, the title of the Internet's #1 Celebrity since I invented the world wide web -- Anna Kournikova, Jason McElwain, Dancing Baby, Mahir, stoned Mac girl, Boom-Goes-the-Dynamite, Firecrotch -- but right at this moment, if you're reading what I'm reading, it comes down to two people: the excitable Gus Johnson, with support from the Sports Guy, Will Leitch, and everybody who likes last-second shots; or SnorgTees Girl, who moves gracefully with an ersatz-geeky "I Love Lamp" shirt and leaves behind a trail of mildly creepy Deadspin commenter-stalkers.

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