Sunday, April 29, 2007

ALSO, WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH AIRLINE FOOD? Something I always notice when travelling then promptly forget--why don't more hotels have overhead lighting on a switch in the main part of their rooms? Frequently, there'll be a small overhead light near the entry door, and you then have to wend your way to a lamp on the other side of the room to light the main area. This was particularly annoying last night at my hotel here in Chicago, as the lamps would not turn on, because they were (without explanation or indication) linked to a second switch in the foyer. Now, if that switch had been marked and the lamps set to turn on when the switch was flipped? I'd be a happy man. But in a hotel that advertises itself as one of the world's 700 greatest, shouldn't it be easier to get to the desk without stubbing your toe?

(Also, is there a city with a worse convention center setup than Chicago? Sure, the space is gorgeous, but there's absolutely no good way to get there from most hotels or the downtown area.)

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