Tuesday, May 1, 2007

LIVIN' ON (NOTHING BUT) A PRAYER: I admit to having been skeptical when I heard that it was Bon Jovi night on AI. Who knew that with but a single painful exception -- and oh man was that exception painful -- it would end up being one of the best nights of the season? Loved JBJ as a mentor -- I'd forgotten how thoughtful, intelligent, and flat-out nice he seems to be.

Usually I am in solid agreement with Simon's comments, but tonight I have a bone to pick: you go ahead and find me the 50% of audience that you think hated Blake's "You Give Love a Bad Name." Seriously, go find them. I'm going to make a pronouncement here, and feel free to disagree: Blake may not be the most talented singer ever to appear on American Idol, but he is by far the most talented musician they've ever had. (And I totally dig the brown hair, too.)

I didn't watch last week's telethon closely enough to have a view as to how the votes from last week should shake out, although I suspect that the person who should go home for this week's abysmal outing will find a few lucky stars to thank that this is a combination week. Truthfully, though, there aren't two people who deserve to go home based on this week's performances.

Further note to judges: if you people do not make Melinda Doolittle sing "Proud Mary" on judges' choice night, you should all be fired.

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