Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ASK ISAAC ABOUT THE "HEART OF CHINA" SNAFU: I've seen ESPN screw up drafts and what-not in its fantasy leagues before, but what's happening right now in its baseball leagues is ridiculous. Following pervasive errors . . .

We have explored and tested every possible solution and it is clear that the nature of the issues leave us with a single, necessary action to get the game back on track and ensure the integrity of the season. Late on Wednesday night the ESPN Fantasy team will:

1. Revert all teams to their opening day rosters (Sunday, April 1).
2. Set the starting lineup of each team's opening day roster as the active roster for all games played to date (April 1 - April 11).
3. Retroactively apply scoring for the entire season to date based on that roster.
4. Void all transactions to date (trades, waiver pickups, roster moves, etc.).

Refunds aplenty, free Insider subscriptions and free FFL teams are our compensation. You can chart the progress of A League With Thrown Baseballs here.

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