Tuesday, April 10, 2007

IT WAS ONCE UPON A PLACE SOMETIMES I LISTEN TO MYSELF: Since I mentioned in Matt's thread that Robie House is one of the ten most architecturally-significant (which is not to say best) American houses, I thought I'd round out the list. Off the top of my head, and accepting that I can't count, I came up with the following list. I realize it skews modern, which is personal preference, and that it skews extremely LA, which I think is totally legitimate -- LA, unlike New York, Chicago, and most older cities, is principally a single-family-residence town, and most of the houses built in older cities were built in less architecturally ambitious times; if we were listing non-residential architecture (or multi-residence architecture), I think the list would skew the other way. If you live in the south, sorry, your house sucks. Anyway, in no particular order: And while I'm at it, here are four that will never make the list:

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