Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WE LEARNED MORE FROM A THREE MINUTE RECORD, BABY, THAN WE EVER LEARNED IN SCHOOL: On a long drive recently, a friend and I got to talking about songs that had truly taught us some important lessons about life, particularly ones that had stood the test of time. In effect, the question became was there a single song (or two) that summed up your own personal creed?

It took me a while to think about this, but in the end the answer was clear (although I'll mention a strong #2 in the comments). For me, it is the central verse of Stevie Wonder's "As":
"We all know sometimes life's hates and troubles
Can make you wish you were born in another time and space
But you can bet your life times that and twice its double
That God knew exactly where he wanted you to be placed
So make sure when you say you're in it but not of it
You're not helping to make this earth a place sometimes called hell
Change your words into truths and then change that truth into love
And maybe our children's grandchildren and their great-great grandchildren will tell"

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