Friday, April 13, 2007

WRITER, FIGHTER, JUNGLE FEVER-HAVER: As a counterpoint to Adam's "scary how much we love this show" comment about The Office, witness last night's 30 Rock, an episode that I think has helped the show just about sew up this season's triple-crown of televised comedy: jokes-per-minute; laugh-out-loud jokes-per-minute; and "did they really make that joke on national television?" jokes-per-episode. Let's recap: more Thomas Jefferson racial satire, some horse-masturbation, and a little September 11 riffing. Top that edgy stuff off with some self-deprecating Uno jokes, brilliant use and invention of the fictitious avian bone syndrome (but I had to look it up, and I consider myself an exotic medical ailment enthusiast), the actual highbrow use of a George Stubbs painting (a particularly odd choice, since I think of 18th-century American painting lovers as particularly, and necessarily, humorless), and rewards aplenty to continuity fans. It's scary how much I love this show.

And yet: did they think I wasn't going to notice the hamhandedly plotty placement of the Fat Bitch poster where Who Dat Ninja? previously hung?

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