Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IDOL JUST WANTS TO BE YOUR EVERYTHING: Two performances rose above the Idol pack tonight -- David Hernandez's smokin' hot "Papa Was A Rolling Stone," with some of the nicest phrasing I've heard on the show in some time, and Chikezie's just awesome, off-the-charts-charismatic take on Ray Charles-by-way-of-Donny-Hathaway's "I Believe To My Soul" (even better than Elliot Yamin's take). Young David Archuleta was solid on "Imagine", but didn't quite blow me away as much as he did the judges, and I rather liked Clifford the Crunchy Muppet's take on "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" as a charming performance, even if the singing wasn't quite there.

For the rest, song choice, song choice: "Go Your Own Way" is a great duet, but no one wants to hear it just for Lindsey Buckingham, Mr. Johns. Similarly on Luke, I'm glad he can pull off Freddie Mercury, but why waste it on "Killer Queen"? Junior Johnny Weir should've never tried to take a Ruben Studdard song and make it his own. If Jason Yeager can't stop smiling, he has to not sing songs like the Doobies' "Long Train Running," which doesn't call for it. And David Cook, no one cares if you can play the guitar, because "All Right Now" is not a singers' song.

Private to Robbie Carrico: yes, there are many ways to rock, but all of yours suck.

Gone (I hope): Robbie and Yeager.

Feinberg: "I hope David knows bigger words than he was trying to show off for the camera, because otherwise he must get really frustrated with his crosswords after, say, Tuesday. But I'm sure there's a girl sitting at home saying, Wow, he's balding and he knows 'juxtaposition.'"

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