Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'VE ANALYZED THIS MOVIE WITH A GROUP OF CHEERLEADERS, WHO CAME TO THE UNANIMOUS CONCLUSION THAT IF I LET THEM GO THEY WOULDN'T TELL NOBODY: It seems improbable, statistically, that I would be anywhere near the first person in the ALOTT5MA community, congenially well-informed-about-funny-stuff as it tends to be, to hear about the70 Minute Mike From Milwaukee Review of Phantom Menace. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you've not yet been exposed, and are turning out of habit to the interwebs for distraction even during the slow posting season surrounding the winter holidays, allow me to recommend devoting several conveniently compartmentalized 10 minute blocks of your time to this last minute nominee for Best Humorous But Deadly Accurate Film Criticism, Long Format, 2000-2010. [NSFW].

Via /Film, via thewebsiteisdown.


  1. Andrew4:33 PM

    What's wrong with your film?

    70 minutes watching this YouTube video was so much more valuable use of time than however many hours I spent in the theater watching the 3 Star Wars prequel films. This is a phenomenal, funny and absolutely scathing piece of criticism. And probably the impetus to cause me to mispronounce protagonist for for most  the next decade.

  2. Isaac Spaceman4:35 PM

    Ow, my ears with the bold type.

  3. Lou W4:40 PM

    Okay, I've only just watched the first 10 minutes and now I'm hooked.  Damn, this is brilliant.
    [But yeah, the bold is too loud!]

  4. Fixed with the bolding.

  5. Lou W5:54 PM

    Okay, just watched the whole thing.  Damn, that was awesome.  I'm not saying it justifies the movie's existance, but, like Weird Al's "The Saga Begins", it shows that every cloud does have a silver lining.  As much as I hated the movie I hadn't ever given it enough thought to realize how horribly structured it was.

  6. calliekl7:51 PM

    We watched this a couple days ago, and have since taken to randomly asking, "What's wrong with your face?!", and telling each other to, "Put it in the tea!!"

    So many different kinds of awesome.

  7. Anonymous10:12 PM

    See, I knew someone else had been there already! 

    And sorry about the bold type.  I didn't check the html and I think the zoom setting on my browser had obscured the effect somewhat.

  8. Calliek, I just knew one of you would have been there already.

    Sorry about the bold type.  I didn't check the html on the post, obvs, and think the zoom setting on my browser combined with the new font and format of the blog may have obscured the effect for me.  Anyway, I didn't notice even after Isaac mentioned it.

  9. Obviously the new commenting system is smarter than I am.  I thought I deleted the "guest" comment before creating the correctly attributed comment below it.  There was a "delete" button, right?  Did I imagine that?

  10. You should definitely check out everything else at RedLetterMedia. Other great reviews, a live action vegetable movie, and assorted weirdness.

  11. piledhighanddeep11:58 AM

    Oh yes, this is truly brilliant.  Truly.  If you're wondering if you can set aside 70 minutes of your day, DO IT.  You will not be sorry.

  12. For all the places where this has been floating around the internet in the past week or so, why has no one mentioned the odd choice to make the narrator a creepy drug-addled serial murderer with a European hooker tied up in the basement?  Talk about your unnecessary directorial embellishment.  

    That aside, we were up to 3 am watching this last night.  It really speeds by!  

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