Wednesday, December 30, 2009

JASON CASTRO WILL NOT BE AMUSED: Via PopWatch, some website claims to rank The Ten Worst Muppets and yet manages to skip Rizzo the Rat and Lew Zealand. Go figure.


  1. Alan Sepinwall8:17 AM

    Lay off Lew Zealand! That man has a sartorial style that no other Muppet can match. There's a reason I have a Lew figurine on my desk at work.

    As for Rizzo, I look on him as a prototype for Pepe the Prawn (who is awesome), in that he filled a new emotional space (as a gross, disreputable Muppet willing to do things the others wouldn't) for the group.

  2. Alan Sepinwall8:19 AM

    And then I RTFA, and I see they have Pepe at number one. BOO!

  3. Leslie8:24 AM

    I actually like Janice. She delivers one of my favorite lines ever from one of the Muppet Movies.  "Uh, Kermit, like I gotta go to work today."  

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I'm with Alan.  Also, if you'd ever seen the Muppet Christmas Carol (starring Gonzo as Charles Dickens and Rizzo the Rat as himself), you wouldn't want to put Rizzo on there either.

  5. Alan Sepinwall8:48 AM

    And Matthew Berry agrees with me on Pepe and Lew, and also disagrees with the first list on Scooter:

  6. Top of the list should be:

    3. Big Bird
    2. Snuffleupagus
    1. Ernie

  7. I'm a Scooter fan (though Skeeter would belong on this list), but Bunsen Honeydew has no place on this list.

  8. Rizzo? RIZZO?!? As said above, that's invalid for Muppet Christmas Carol alone, and his gang in Manhattan still makes me laugh.

  9. Honestly?  I think that they were just struggling to come up with a list of the ten worst Muppets.  So much awesomeness amongst the Muppets.

  10. Pepe will always get a special place in my heart for his duet with George Clinton on the Muppets from Space soundtrack.  

    I'm doing this from memory, so I may get it a little wrong, but I laugh every time I hear this exchange in that song:
    George Clinton: Clap your hands.
    Pepe:  Which ones, man?  I got, like, six of them.

  11. Yeah, Beaker would be nothing without Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.  He's the straight man of that team.