Sunday, April 11, 2010

BROWNIE HUSBAND REPRESENTS 500 SERVINGS: Well, hot damn -- a Saturday Night Live episode which easily was the funniest of the season and doesn't need to be graded on that curve to be appreciated. It wasn't just Tina Fey's return, though her return as Sarah Palin, Weekend Update ranter, lonely teacher and especially as an unrestrained advertising pitchwoman were the highlights of the show. We had things I didn't expect we could see -- an actually funny Obama cold open, someone other than Jon Lovitz playing The Devil and being rather pointed with it, and a Tiger Woods sketch which didn't suck. Add to that Bieber being winning and game, and Kristen Wiig not being on the show very much, and it added up to a a show worth keeping on the TiVo for at least a few days.


  1. Meghan3:07 PM

    I fell asleep too early but I enjoyed the Sarah Palin and Tiger Woods sketches.  The monologue, though?  Not that good at all.

  2. nicolealicia2:50 PM

    The Al Roker skit was also funny!

  3. Paul Tabachneck10:58 AM

    Deep love for the Brownie Husband commercial.  The caramel center! 

  4. bella wilfer4:59 PM

    I'm going to say it: Bieber was funny!  I'm a fan.