Sunday, April 11, 2010

WHAT HAPPENS TO A HAPPY MEAL DEFERRED? DOES IT DRY UP, LIKE A RAISIN IN THE SUN? Or, a year after sitting on one's shelf, does practically nothing happen to it at all?


  1. Related, anyone watching Jamie Oliver's show?  It's kind of sad...but that's being played out all over the country.

  2. KCosmo's neighbor1:06 PM

    A couple of months ago there was someone on Oprah--he's a famous food writer, but his name escapes me. His rule of thumb: don't eat food that doesn't spoil in two weeks. I think of that each time I clean my fridge.

    I NEVER let me kids eat McDonald's; my husband and I have successfully trained them to frown upon it (they do, however, eat plenty of ice-cream and take occasional trips to the candy store). They aren't even interested in it. One viewing of Supersize Me did it for us (thought neither of us indulge in fast-food anyway). However, we live in NYC, so there are a billion alternatives. I really do feel for people who live in areas where there aren't many choices should they opt for a cheap meal out for their kids. I watched Jamie Oliver's show once, and he's got a really battle to fight.


  3. Woah. I am not gonna lie. I don't always eat well, and I have read Fast Food Nation and have seen Supersize Me and while I was interested, I still stopped at McDonalds on road trips. This picture HORRIFIED me. She can count one reader who will make a change after seeing her experiment.

  4. That is disturbing. 

    On a more cheerful note:  awesome, awesome post title.

  5. If it's a dry environment with some air flow, this makes sense. If it was wrapped up and left in the bag, then I'd be surprised if it didn't turn moldy.

  6. Jenn.2:18 PM

    I was actually wondering the same thing (while I was debating getting some french fries at lunch).  She talks about how things left outside in the trash will break down, end up with bugs, etc., but that really only is a relevant comparison if bugs, flies, etc., can get access to the food.

    Put another way:  If she had put a freshly baked roll, high-quality chopped steak patty, high-quality condiments, and homemade potato wedges on that same shelf, under the same exact conditions, for that year, what would it have looked like?  If no bugs, etc., got access to it, it could very well have degraded the same exact way.

  7. Squid3:36 PM

    That assumes that she handled the food properly and cooked all of it sufficiently going in.  I'm not going to say McDonald's is good for you, but their ground beef kills a lot fewer people than backyard grillers do.

    I should make a documentary on all the damage caused by Weber.  Those heartless bastards!

  8. Jim Bell5:27 PM

    ummm. McDonald's tastes good.  A double quarter pounder with cheese is a delicious thingy.  McDonald's fries when they first come out of the fryer can taste better than real potatoes imnsho.  

    For Jenn.,  I cannot remember whether it's in fast food nation or supersize me, but one of them has pictures of real hamburgers and fries degrading in a head to head with their Mickey D's counterparts.  The real items turned real gross.