Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TAKE YOUR STINKING PAWS OFF ME, YOU DAMNED DIRTY APE: We haven't written about HIMYM for a while, and I don't know that there's much to say. I suspect that, love it, like it, or hate it, you know how you feel about it. I just wanted to say that the Stones' "Monkey Man," which bookended last night's episode, is underrated soundtrack music. It's from the most fecund period of one of the greatest pop acts of all time, it has a nice quiet-suspenseful intro that worked quite well in the HIMYM open, and by the end it has a great head of steam going that worked both musically and in an on-the-nose way for the climax of a silly plot. I only wish HIMYM would mix the music (both score and songs) louder -- I can't think of another show that seems as sheepish about its bumpers. Remember when Friends used to split scenes with the staccato hiccups of "Rattled by the Rush" at top volume?


  1. Devin McCullen2:10 PM

    Barney's version of Marshall's story completely cracked me up.  OTOH, the ending of the episode seemed like they were trying a bit too hard.  I didn't see it coming, but I feel like I should have.

  2. Carmichael Harold3:51 PM

    I actually kind of liked how hard they worked for that joke (the camera operator throwing the paper plane during the days-earlier interview with creepy doll guy; creepy doll guy; etc.); it almost seemed like a meta-joke about the process, or a ridiculous shaggy dog story (which I love) set up solely for the payoff.

  3. gtv200012:11 PM

    I heard the intro to the song, thought "great Stones tune, why are they playing that?" searched my brain for it's title for a second, then it all started to dawn... Silly but very well played.

  4. Travis12:38 PM

    seemed like such a filler episode. They really just confirmed 2 things: Ted is an unreliable narrator, and Barney is not really the ladies man he claims to be (unless thats just Ted's unreliable narrating...)

  5. Watts1:00 PM

    Sadly, when you said "Monkey Man" I thought, "Wait a minute, wasn't that in an episode of '21 Jump Street'?"  I'm a product of my generation that that's my first association with such a wonderful song.