Thursday, April 28, 2011

AMERICA VOTED: You know the drill.

No formal final three or two; all we know is that Casey Abrams will not be the next American Idol.  Well, it's not like we didn't know that already, but now it's official.  As Kyle Buchanan put it, there was the increasing fear that we had created another Taylor Hicks (only Hebrew), and the "Hey, It's Awesome To See Someone Who Looks/Acts/Sings Like That On Idol" : "Oh, Wait, That's It?" ratio kept shifting in an unfavorable direction for the most part. Whether he went before Jacob or vice versa, the result was going to be the same by the end.

Do catch his farewell "I Put A Spell On You" if you can; it's rather sweet for a lot of good reasons.


  1. Linda9:51 PM

    I was afraid he might hurt someone in that row of girls he kissed.  Whiplash looked possible.

    Haley fans in my house.  Hopeful she's catching on at the right time.  Thought she looked great tonight.  Has there been any discussion about what a terrible job the stylists seem to be doing this year?

  2. Fred App10:15 PM

    I agree that Casey wasn't going to win, but I gotta disagree with the Taylor Hicks comparison. Hicks was a cheeseball who did one thing and one thing only. Casey was much more musically talented and had a wider repertoire. He and Paul are two contestants who should do better (and have more success) doing their own thing than competing in the Idol karaoke-thon.

  3. I was somewhat relieved in the group sing that no one was smiling during "It's Too Late." The whole theme this week was weird for me. Most of those songs I consider oldies, and I'm double the age of almost all the Idols. I fully mock the "sing whatever the heck you want" weeks, but couldn't they come up with something a little more contemporary?

  4. I'd have preferred to see Jacob go this week, but since neither of them have a shot at winning I suppose it doesn't really matter. 

    Was Scotty actually in the bottom three? I wouldn't mind seeing him go home and a final three of James, Haley and Lauren. There must be a record label in Nashville eager to sign him (and Lauren, for that matter). Really, out of the contestants left (excluding Jacob b/c he's so annoying that I just don't care what happens to him after Idol), it seems like Haley might benefit the most from the recording contract since she has such a unique voice. And it would be pretty cool to see her win after almost going home so many times. She has really grown on me over the past few weeks - she's entertaining at least.

  5. Jim Bell1:07 AM

    Scotty is beginning to remind me of a young Randy Travis, and that is a really really good thing if you like country music the way it used to be done...  As many of you know I do.