Friday, June 24, 2011

RED AND YELLOW AND PINK AND GREEN, PURPLE, AND ORANGE, AND BLUE: A sad day for those of us who grew up in the Delaware Valley -- Patricia Merbreier, known to all of us as "Mrs. Noah" of children's tv, has passed away. Starting in 1967, Captain Noah and His Magical Ark aired for 27 years -- at times daily, sometimes on Saturdays only.  It was the quintessential local morning kid's show, the kind which simply does not exist anymore.

As Glen Weldon tweeted today, as the puppeteer for and co-star of her husband's show "Mrs. Noah did everything Captain Noah did, only crammed under a table & w/a puppet on her arm. RIP, you classy old broad."


  1. Meghan8:41 PM

    Man, we used to sing that all the time at chorus. I don't remember watching the show but RIP nonetheless.

  2. Christy in Philly4:29 PM

    "I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too."

    Sad indeed.

  3. KCosmo9:17 PM

    Listen with your eyes, listen with your eyes, and sing everything you see . . .

  4. Leslie8:08 AM

    Very sad.  Very nice couple.  I would see them at the Superfresh supermarket here in Gladwyne all the time. Apparently, they went to the market everyday as their outing, so they only had groceries for the day, their pantry was never stocked.  I think they really enjoyed being around people.  My co-worker lived on their street, and told me they had to move when Mrs. Noah's Alzheimer's worsened and they had to move somewhere where she could get care.  I hope that the Capt is doing okay.  Such a sweet man.  And they gave out really big candy bars on Halloween too.