Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I THINK I MIGHT HAVE EXPERIENCED SOME PREMORSE ON THIS ONE: We didn't do our typical ALOTT5MA Fall Season Dead Pool this year, but we're obliged to report that if you had Playboy Club, you won. The show's been yanked effective immediately, with repeats of Prime Suspect filling for three weeks until new newsmagazine Rock Center With Brian Williams debuts on Halloween night. (Of course, on "number of episodes aired," there are still shows that could beat or tie Playboy Club, including the possibility that either Man Up or I Hate My Teenage Daughter never makes it to our airwaves.) NBC also picked up back 9's for both Up All Night and Whitney, and we'll let our friend Linda Holmes provide reaction to that.


  1. bella wilfer1:49 PM

    ...and a collective sigh comes from every other show's staff..."at least it wasn't us..."

  2. Benner3:04 PM

    would any other shows have been chosen in such a pool?  and is whitney really that bad?  she, herself, is pretty funny, if a bit raunchy. 

    i never quite understood why NBC doesn't use this time for USA network dramas.  Cable carrier agreement issues?

  3. Andrew3:13 PM

    I'm moderately disappointed that Rock Center with Brian Williams isn't an indie rock music show: http://pitchfork.com/news/35296-nbcs-brian-williams-indie-rock-vlogger/

    With Whitney getting a full season order, does that mean that 30 Rock might come back after maternity leave to Free Agents' Wednesday night at 8:30 slot?

  4. My bet at this point is that we see some reshuffling, either with:

    1.  Going back to the "Comedy Night Done Right All Night" experiment of last year once "Prime Suspect" goes down.  (Though I'd rather see "Awake" there.) 
    2.  The low-rated critical darlings ("Community" and "Parks") being sent to Wednesday.  (The good news is that because of syndication issues, they may not have to do much to get another season.  100 episodes is a magic number, and both need another season to get there.)
    3.  The creation of a "Chelsea Handler Block" with Whitney and the Chelsea Handler sitcom placed together, either on Wednesdays or at 10 on Thursdays, with Up All Night getting the post-Office slot.

  5. ehh, she, herself, is fine.  but I am tired of the "conventionally pretty girl with a potty mouth" schtick.  OMG! Pretty girl CURSED! EEEE! Blergh.

    The show itself is HORRIBLE.  The characters are just bad people. Bad UNFUNNY people.

  6. JosephFinn6:58 PM

    Damn, I had Charlie's Angels.

  7. Meghan8:36 AM

    While I agree with Linda Holmes' analysis of these signings, I would add that Whitney's order is more like an illegal block in the back when the ball was nowhere near the person who was blocked.  As in, why make that decision now, when it does no one any good?

    I like Whitney Cummings on the Comedy Central roasts, I've enjoyed her interviews with Howard Stern, but the show just isn't funny.

  8. NBC wants to be able to pretend that this fall has been anything other than a disaster for them.  Aside from Whitney (which is propped up by its timeslot) and Up All Night (which started strong but has fallen off, admittedly, in a very tough slot), everything they've launched this fall has been pretty damn disastrous, and ratings for a number of their returning shows have taken substantial dips (Harry's Law and SVU have been hit particularly hard, Sing-Off is not doing terribly well as a series rather than a special event, Biggest Loser is substantially down year-to-year).

    Admittedly, NBC has an impressive lineup for the Spring (return of The Voice, Smash, Awake, The Firm, and the Chelsea Handler/Laura Prepon show, which sounds terrible but has ratings potential), and has the Super Bowl as a promotional platform. so they have some hope there--it's a matter of not completely self-destructing.