Thursday, October 6, 2011

WHY DO THINGS COST THINGS? On why The Simpsons may be worth more money to Fox dead than alive.


  1. The Pathetic Earthling10:00 AM

    I haven't watched a new Simpsons episode in years, but if they do cancel it I hope they have time to put together the granddaddy of Farewell Episodes.  There are so many fine farewell tropes to play with...

  2. It sort of makes sense--there are any number of cable outlets (certainly TBS, Comedy Central, FX, and Cartoon Network) that would bid substantial money to get rights to the catalog, and Netflix/Hulu/Amazon would likewise pay a pretty penny for streaming rights.  That said:

    1.  Fox has botched it from a PR perspective by taking the "blame the cast" route.  Seems their problem isn't with the cast as much as it is with the syndication deal with the studio/producers.
    2.  If the show's cancelled, I give one year before it's resurrected in some form, just as Family Guy and Futurama have been.  It may be that the show focuses on the Simpson family less and the other residents of Springfield more (or even a spinoff focusing on Springfield as a whole), but in some form, it'll be back.

  3. Eric J.10:50 AM

    You mean like this?

  4. Renewed for Seasons 24 and 25. Seems destined to last at least until the Romney administration.