Thursday, October 6, 2011

LET MY CAMERON GO: Remember back in May when I asked prior to Adolf Hitler, who was America's go-to "so-and-so is worse than [X]" historical comparison in common parlance? Today, Slate asks the same question and comes up with a different answer.


  1. Jordan8:49 AM

    Comparing Presidents you don't like to Hitler has become such a cliche, people have been doing it for decades.  And don't get me started on the interenet (something something Godwin's Law).  Although I don't know if just changing the reference goes far enough.  How about some creativity, to borrow a line from Troy from Community, "[President I don't like] is the AT&T of people."  Have some fun with it.

  2. Benner11:37 AM

    AT&T is the Hank Williams Jr. of telephone companies. 

  3. Benner11:40 AM

    Caligula seems like he'd be a strong candidate.  

  4. Also an option, "__________ is the opposite of Batman."

  5. Benner12:09 PM

    Yeah, but isn't superman kind of the opposite of batman.