Thursday, February 2, 2012

SHE WAS LOOKING KIND OF DUMB WITH HER FINGER AND HER THUMB: The fiftieth Super Bowl will be played in 2016, and brand experts believe it may be necessary to shift from Roman to Arabic numerals for that one.


  1. Dan Suitor3:51 PM

    Thanks for the headline. I thought I had expunged all the awful music of the '90s from my skull, but I was wrong.

  2. Watts4:33 PM

    They weathered "XXX" but an "L" scares them?  That puts the L in Lame.

  3. Benner6:32 PM

    Is being a brand expert a thing? It's the flipping superbowl. There will be parties. People will eat chili. There will be car, soda, and chips commercials. people will watch. The Eagles will not win. The NFL will screw the retired players. Someone famous will get arrested the week leading up to it. Life will go on, as shitty as ever.

  4. For a case I had a few years ago, we had to retain an "alcoholic beverage industry" expert.  I'm sure that's a field people want to get into.

  5. The "L" stands for Los Angeles in Super Bowl L at Farmers Field. Construction should be finished by then, should be at least one local team in place to play host, and lots of performers will be around town at the same time assuming the Grammy's would be the following week at Staples which should make recruiting solid, relevant, and currently popular acts for pregame and halftime.

    Even Roger Goodell thinks it's a good idea*.

    *(at least he didn't summarily shoot down the suggestion back in 2009, which in my book counts as an endorsement)

  6. bill.9:45 PM

    other 50s:

    cyrillic looks like an "N". Hindi is decimal, but the reading I found for 50 is "puchaass." That would look great on a t-shirt. Hebrew looks like a lame passing route.

    Welcome to Superbowl Puchaass!

  7. gtv20008:39 AM

    How about the one before - is it IL or XLIX? Neither is that attractive.

  8. XLIX, I believe, is correct.

  9. Chuck9:59 AM

    Too bad it isn't "XLAX," imagine the product tie-ins for the aging baby boomers.  As to the fifty issue, I bet some clever marketing/design type will come up with a way to incorporate the L into a graphic that also has the number 50, sort of like how the Big Ten fit in the number 11 when they expanded (one of my favorite graphics, ever).

  10. KCosmo's neighbor10:30 AM

    Do you think L.L. Cool Jay will be the headliner for the half-time show?

    Maybe they can write it in script? Ugh...whatever...this is really a non-issue.

  11. Benner11:06 AM

    Thank goodness there's no comma!  is that a smellier (or sommelier)?  I had a wood expert once, myself.  

  12. Elle magazine presents LL Cool J's halftime salute to L.Ron Hubbard? With a marching band that only moves in right angles?

  13. KCosmo's neighbor12:31 PM

    I was also thinking that Elle Macpherson could do some of the promotional work. Or perhaps, a la Sesame Street, the Superbowl can be brought to you by the letter L. Think of all the fun we can have walking the streets with cans of white paint and big paint brushes (can't you just see the football players doing that in an ad campaign...with the black gook beneath their eyes applied in an L-shape?). 

    Even New York's very own L-train can get involved (if only the Superbowl were accessible via the L--Take the L to the L!). "L" with all of this! excited will the Louis Vuitton brand be for Superbowl LV?? that's marketing!

    This is fun! I need to change over to marketing!

  14. gunk or goop?

  15. KCosmo's neighbor1:35 PM

    If it's Goop...does that mean we need to clear it with Gwyneth Paltrow?? Let's just say "gunk" and avoid any copyright issues.

  16. BeeFan4:11 PM

    In the tradition of Chad Ochocinco ...

    Call it Super Bowl Cincocero.

    Problem solved.