Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ALSO, WHAT BUS FROM OHIO DROPS YOU OFF AT GRAND CENTRAL? As Ryan McGee over at Hitfix notes, I suspect how you felt about tonight's Glee finale is largely driven by how you feel about watching The Rachel Berry Show next year.  It does intrigue me where we go from here--do we turn into an anthology series each week following a different regular spread out all over the country, with plots that only sometimes intersect (Finn joins the Army Choir!  Mercedes gets discovered in Hollywood!)?  Do Ryan Murphy and crew hit a giant reset button in the first episode, miraculously centralizing all the characters into a couple of locations?  Do they actually figure out some way to make this work?  Given the new timeslot and how completely unlikable Rachel has become, I'm not terribly interested in tuning in.


  1. Eric J.8:49 AM

    I was hoping that while Rachel was walking down the street in New York and singing, Ivy would walk across the frame singing her own song.

  2. I'm also confused by how Rachel journeyed from exiting Grand Central at 42nd and Vanderbilt to walking down Fifth Avenue in the 30s to walking eastbound on 45th Street to walking around outside the Plaza.  Working theory--Rachel has teleportation powers.

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    As much as I hated myself for it, I cried when Finn ran after the train. It was just such a familiar trope and it was so romantic and Finn is so cuuuute and squeeeee!!! But overall, the episode was a let down and this whole season has been awful.

  4. Heather K10:39 AM

    But Mike O'Malley danced Single Ladies!!!! That plus the body swap last week made me not regret sticking it out all year!

  5. girard3110:57 AM

    If it was a movie, last night was a nice ending. It should start over with new kids or just go away.

  6. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Didn't Rachel get on a train, not a bus?

    I'd be totally happy if there was no Rachel Berry next year, and Finn is a nonentity to me, but I would miss Kurt (and the Kurt-Burt scenes, which are the best thing this show ever does) and some of the others (Santana, Mike).  However, I would definitely be interested in watching a Glee witha pared down cast that can focus on more consistent storylines and characters.

    But I really enjoyed last night's episode - I'm a sucker for when Glee gets emotional, so I loved Burt performing for Kurt, and Sue and Quinn's scene.  And I just love "In My Life" and "Glory Days."

  7. Mr. Cosmo9:21 PM

    Any train she was on would have arrived at Penn Station, not Grand Central.

  8. Becca9:24 PM

    I felt this ep was just as silly as the rest of what I saw this season, and since Rachel Berry is now one of the most horrible human beings on this earth, it'll be pretty easy to delete the ol' season pass. I know it's TV, and it doesn't have to be realistic, but the very idea that Santana's mom would advise her to take a pass on a scholarship so she can go to NY to pursue her dream is just absurd to me. Did Kurt put all his eggs in the NYADA basket? Did Finn really think picking up his fiancee to go to their wedding, but really pulling a switcheroo and dropping her off at the train station would be a-ok? And are the dorms at NYADA even open at this point for her to look at? Did Mike Chang really get accepted to the Joffrey School? His parents didn't INSIST that he go to an Ivy League and study dance? 

    With a national title, they'll be able to claim a bunch of new students came to the school just to participate in Glee, so they can add a number of talented new kids next year, so I'm sure they'll have just as large and uninteresting a cast as they've always had. And they'll continue to insist we care about Rachel. So, yeah. I'm out. 

  9. Christy in Philly10:34 AM

    My issues are less about the unlikability of Rachel Berry and more about the inequity of treatment b/t male and female characters.

    Karovsky gets outed. Attempts suicide. We get a very special ep of Glee with a feelings circle and his father sobbing with his son in his arms.
    Finn outs Santana, is a hero. We get a scene of the Glee girls singing I Kissed a Girl and a throw away line about Santana's parents being "okay with it." Brittany doesn't weigh in at all.

    Puck is going to fail his senior year. We get a room full of Glee guys singing a song from My Fair Lady. Coach Beiste intervenes to help. This story is handled in multiple scenes over two episodes.
    Brittany, who is the senior class president, a Cheerio, and in Glee, apparently is failing her senior year according to a throwaway line over dinner at Breadsticks. No big deal. She'll go cheer for her friends at graduation.

    I only continue to watch this show b/c when I was a 16 year old baby lesbian afraid of coming out, I never would have imagined that this show would be on tv. Kurt and Burt's relationship is magical. Santana is amazing, despite the crap they give Naya Rivera to work with sometimes.

    I can't even lie and say I won't continue to watch. But I'll probably be pissed most of the time.