Thursday, May 24, 2012

THEN, TRAGICALLY, YOU WILL HAVE WASTED YET ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE YOU'VE ALREADY MISSPENT IN THE SERVICE OF THE CITY OF BALTIMORE:  Unfortunately, I missed Wire Wednesday yesterday (and still haven't seen "Duck and Cover"), and next week is day two of the spelling bee -- and we don't want to cross those streams, I would think -- so let's do this: in two weeks, on Wednesday, June 6 (Wire Wednesday D-Day), we'll cover three episodes at once. Be prepared to discuss "Duck and Cover," "Stray Rounds," and "Storm Warning," and we'll be caught up, and obviously by that point crime and corruption will be gone from Charm City, and all the working class of all races will have good, stable jobs with bright futures.  Except for Ziggy.


  1. Adam C.10:32 AM

    Apropos of scheduling, the event reminder at top right of the blog made me realize that the Bee Finals conflict with the Mega-Bad Movie Night showing of Sharktopus at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (of Drexel University). Well, conflict in the sense that the Academy's program starts at 6:30 and the Bee Finals start at 8, so there will be overlap, plus travel time to get to a suitable TV-watching location. What is a Bee- and Sharktopus-loving metro-Philadelphian to do?

  2. Marsha12:55 PM

    I am now caught up and promise I'll be prepared.

    Ah, Ziggy. Skinny, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.