Monday, May 21, 2012

THREE GUYS WALK INTO A CLINIC. THEIR LEGS HURT. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM?  I guess I stopped watching House, M.D. at the start of the 2009-10 season. The formula had run its course for me; a show that's committed to proving that nobody changes and everybody lies can only do variations on that for so long.  And so I walked away.

That said, I'm coming back for the Big Finish tonight. I have no idea what has happened on the show in the intervening three years; I just love what Hugh Laurie does in that role, the dark places the show has been willing to go, and the joys some of the show's puzzles have brought in the past. I trust them to end the series well.


  1. Jim Bell10:36 AM

    Even bad House is good House.

  2. Marsha1:37 PM

    I quit at the beginning of this season. Anyone want to sum the season up for me in prep for the finale?

  3. christy in nyc1:58 PM

    I was actually enjoying this season more than the previous one or two, but I had to drop it because it was pushing more important Thursday and Sunday shows off my DVR before I'd gotten the chance to watch them. It was feeling a little bit like a return to form, though--just, solving medical mysteries with a cast of damaged characters. I'll probably go back and watch this season at some point, maybe over the summer. 

  4. 1.  Wilson is dying (4-5 months to live) of cancer.
    2.  Chase quit his job at PPTH.
    3.  Foreman has Cuddy's old job.  No, I don't know why either.
    4.  House's team is currently Taub, Odette Annable (doc who was working at the prison he was sent to for the Cuddy/car incident), and Charlyne Yi (who seems to pose no actual useful function).
    5.  At end of last week's episode, House had made his peace with Wilson dying and being there for his friend when Foreman informed him that due to his recent prank/hijink, a patient had gone to the police and turned House in for parole violation, and he has to serve out the remainder of his sentence--6 months.

  5. Laura4:11 PM

    It has been really hard to watch this year-more formulaic than ever, Cuddy's disappearance was barely addressed and could have made for some good episodes, and Charlyne Yi annoys me like no other.  Can't act, ads no value and is super annoying.  But I will watch tonight just to see how it ends. 

  6. Heather K10:33 PM

    Oddly I think Charlyne Yi can act, but is doing a very mannered performance.  It is however still super annoying.  Especially since we never saw her punch her old boss.

  7. Heather K10:33 PM

    I was about to quit this, but then they announced it was the last season, so I figured I could stick it out.

  8. Marsha10:38 PM

    Thank you, Matt - tremendously helpful.

  9. Marsha10:39 PM

    I'm about to watch the finale. No matter how it turns out, I have to say that I loved the retrospective. Hugh Laurie got it just right.

  10. victoria12:03 AM

    I do like Annable's character, though. She's been a good addition.

  11. As he usually does. I'm looking forward to what he does next! I gave up on this show a few years ago, but I'll be watching the finale, too. 

  12. Paul Tabachneck9:22 AM

    I liked it.

  13. Yes, and it was all the more effective because they managed to keep a couple of the guest stars (Dudek and Ward) from leaking, and used those appearances quite well (especially Morrison--Cameron was always House's nagging conscience).  I also appreciated that while they managed to give pretty much every character a closing grace note of some variety, the finale clearly focused on House/Wilson, which was the relationship that defined the show.

    And the retrospective was excellent, in large part because it wasn't either a story recap (which the show doesn't really need, given that it's so heavily procedural) or backpatty toward the usual suspects (cast and writers), but rather a tribute to the larger family behind the show who we don't get to see and hear as much of--camera crew, makeup/hair, sound folks.