Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BOMBSHELL:  Two Three of your least favorite characters (and one who we liked, but was underused) are not returning to Smash, while three new roles are being cast.


  1. Marsha7:34 PM

    Article has been updated -  Frank and Michael are out too. (Though I won't miss the Julia drama, I'm sad I won't be seeing Brian d'Arcy James anymore.)

  2. Updated.  First his lines were cut from Game Change, now this?

    And Leo lives!

  3. Joseph J. Finn11:44 PM

    Seriously?  They didn't make a point to fire the teenager and Katherine McPhee?  They really haven't learned from the first season.

  4. Paul Tabachneck12:05 AM

    Joseph, I don't think McPhee deserves the axe, but I'm sure the teenager is next to go.  

    I'm very happy to see the others gone -- every time Dev came anywhere near betraying Karen, I said, "GOOD! Cheat on her!  DISAPPEAR FROM THIS SHOW."  Glad he listened.

  5. McPhee isn't going anywhere.  Based on comments at Hitfix and elsewhere, a substantial number of the folks still watching are firmly in Team Karen, love McPhee, and are pushing for more Idol alumni on the show.  This strikes me as decidedly not the solution. 

  6. Joseph J. Finn9:10 AM

    To be fair, I felt sorry for the actor playing Dev, who was not in any way a problem; the character was.

  7. Joseph J. Finn9:10 AM

    Yeah, I know my dislike for the myth of "Karen is anywhere close to Ivy" is blinding me in this.

  8. Genevieve11:00 AM

    Yes, I would've been perfectly happy seeing Raza Jaffrey sing and dance more (dream sequences/fantasy, obviously), but Dev the character had to go.  Same for Will Chase, who is a terrific performer (loved his DiMaggio), but whose character was written as more and more unlikeable each week.

    The article said the characters were out as regulars, but that doesn't mean they couldn't appear occasionally (Frank is the only one I'd like to see occasionally, and preferably getting a chance to sing). 

    I hope they write the new characters more likeably or at least more believably. 

  9. Heather K11:02 AM

    If you like Raza Jaffrey, I reccomend MI5 now streaming on Netflix.  He is a regular in a bunch of the middle seasons and he is a spy. No singing, no Bollywood numbers though.

  10. Genevieve11:02 AM

    I'm with you on that, JJF.  I know she's not going anywhere, but maybe they can make Ivy less unlikeable in the second season, and keep having Hilty play Marilyn in the fantasy sequences or elsewhere?  Because she blows McPhee out of the water every time.

  11. Eric J.11:38 AM

    There's an easy out - singing lead and being in every scene 8 shows a week is shredding her throat. There are tons of stories of Broadway leads who, it turned out, could create and perform a part brilliantly, but whose bodies or voices broke down under the grind. Ivy takes over, Karen has a dramatic couple of weeks where it's not clear if she'll ever be able to sing again, works with a throat surgeon and voice coach, and is back as a shadow Marilyn.

  12. Slowlylu6:20 PM

    Thanks Heather! Spooks was great in the early seasons. I just watched the Bollywood episode last night and was too lazy to look up where Dev was from