Saturday, June 30, 2012

THE BIG SCHVITZ: In a piece which may set a NYT record for "most Spelling Bee-eligible Yiddish words in a single article (whose proper spelling, and even the existence of a "proper" spelling, Marsha will challenge)," Joseph Berger tries to figure out how NYC Hasidim deal with a heat wave such as this.


  1. Becca4:20 AM

    Perhaps they'd like to check in with every human being prior to the 1920s who wore plenty more clothing than the Hasidim and managed to survive. 

  2. bill.8:03 AM

    Saw one of these guys yesterday out in the Atlanta suburbs. Over 100, heat index about 110, and heading towards the synagogue 1.5 miles away. I admire the dedication, but he looked miserable.

  3. Adlai2:13 PM

    And the many who did not. 

  4. these guys live in my neighborhood.  Or I live in their neighborhood.  Either way, the fabric is really light - you can almost see through it.  

    Speaking of my neighbors - why do hipsters wear wool hats in 95 degree weather?