Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TWO GREAT TASTES THAT TASTE GREAT TOGETHER? So, how do we feel about Kristin Chenoweth joining The Good Wife in a recurring capacity as "a top-of-her-game political reporter who matches wits with Julianne Margulies’ Alicia and Chris Noth’s Peter?"  As for me, love Kristin, and love Good Wife, but think Kristin tends to fare better when it's more stylized/over-the-top (Pushing Daisies) than in something that is as grounded in ugly reality as Good Wife is.


  1. I was working on a post trying to figure out how one show could have both Chenoweth and Amy Sedaris without confusing a lot of old people.  And it looks like Maura Tierney is also joining the ensemble as a fictionalized Penny Pritzker-type.

  2. I had the same thoughts about a Chenowith/Sedaris confusion.  And is it just me, or is this show filled with too many reprising characters?  It builds a realistic world for our main characters, but sometimes I get distracted playing Name the Celebrity and high-fiving myself if the actor's obscure.

  3. Watts7:17 PM

    Chenoweth will be presented as WAY more glam, I imagine, playing (I'm guessing) a tv reporter.

    Personally, Chenoweth drives me up the wall, so I'm not so excited about this news.

  4. isaac_spaceman8:05 PM

    There are some actors who have a lot of breadth of appeal but not much depth.  Everybody recognizes, I don't know, Gary Cole, and a lot of people think "Gary Cole does a pretty good job in just about everything he does," but you don't get people getting really invested in what Gary Cole's next job is going to be. 

    Then there are some actors who have huge depth of appeal but not much breadth.  It's news when Kristen Chenoweth does an arc on Glee or Good Wife.  It's news when Sutton Foster gets a show on an alleged television channel that is called "ABC Family."  Michael Kenneth Williams does four episodes spread over a year on Community, a show that would kill for the kind of ratings that a show gets on ABC Family, and you can hear heads exploding. 

    I think basically if you got famous doing musical theater, you were on the Wire, or you starred at some point in a John Hughes movie, your depth is greater than your breadth of appeal.  If somebody made a TV show about just about an apartment complex whose residents included Bubbles, Kima, John Barrowman, Alan Ruck, and Patti LuPone, IT WOULD BURN THIS BLOG DOWN. 

  5. isaac_spaceman8:05 PM

    And, I meant to add, it would score a perfect 0.0 rating and 0.0 share. 

  6. isaac_spaceman8:08 PM

    That's not that hard.  Chenoweth is the irritating one who might burst into song non-comedically and who has the speaking voice of a four-year-old girl.  Sedaris is the sometimes-funny, sometimes-uncomfortably bizarre one who would only burst into song if it would make you uncomfortable. 

  7. Ratphooey9:43 PM

    I used to love Chenoweth.  Now she annoys me.

    A little of her goes a very long way.

  8. Slowlylu10:18 PM

    I still love Chenoweth and was sad to see the demise of GCB and Pushing Daisies. I really appreciated her work in the last season of The West Wing particularly the series of episodes just before and after John Spencer's death. As for The Good Wife inclusion. I am happy as the Kings' have earnt my trust in how the deploy the supporting cast. 

  9. They've also just announced Nathan Lane will recur, though no details on his role.

  10. Slowlylu12:12 AM

    Can we a call  Bingo on The Good Wife's ability to deploy casturbation so effectively?

  11. Genevieve1:50 PM

    I still love Chenoweth and this may make me start DVRing The Good Wife (I know I should already be watching it, but I tend towards the much lighter side in my watching lately, and avoid lawyer shows as they are both heavier and a busman's holiday).