Monday, June 25, 2012

UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SHAKESPEARE THE WAY IT'S MEANT TO BE PLAYED:  Aaron Sorkin may repeat himself. It's really quite something, a virtuous and proportional response, and you know it.


  1. So what kind of day has it been?

  2. Watts6:22 PM

    He should take snapshots of his dialogue so as not to repeat them. I guess he never watched Clueless.

  3. isaac_spaceman8:07 PM

    I hope he doesn't repeat himself by getting in an embarrassing Internet dust-up with whoever put that video together.  You know, the one in the muumuu. 

  4. Eric J.8:37 PM

    At least he never repeated "...standing in the Middle of Afghanistan!" Although, he's got an entire season of The Newsroom to write. It's probably going to be irresistable.

  5. Anyone else catch the Sports Night one last night on The Newsroom?  Paraphrasing:  "Flirt with me right now."  "Hello."

  6. Paul Tabachneck11:02 PM


  7. Devin McCullen1:17 AM

    Well, I've certainly come to expect less and less of him...

  8. That was an amazing video with phenominal editing.  Watched it last night before bed and had a super-Sorkin crossover dream this am.

  9. I caught that, too, but thought it was a reference to Sports Night (for his fans) or, at most, a one-time fluke.  I never realized he borrowed entire *conversations* from himself!  Tippi Hedren!  The monk parable!  Now my entire belief system is shattered.

  10. mikeski4:51 PM

    What powers does Super Sorkin have?

  11. Marsha5:13 PM

    I was thinking of putting together a Newsroom drinking game or betting pool based on some of these repeaters and now I'm thinking I don't need to. But I was going to take bets on:

    - in what episode will there be a character named Alberto Fedrigatti?
    - Will the final episode of season 1 be called "What Kind of Day Has It Been?"
    - By the end of season 1, how many character names will he have re-used from past shows (we already have a Will and a Margaret)
    - In which episode will Will end up doing the news without pants?
    - Which character will have a sibling who died tragically?
    - How soon before Timothy Davis-Reed, Jeff Mooring, and Ron Ostrow (all monosyllabically-named guys in both the TWW Press Room and the SN Control Room) show up?
    - When do we get our first episode with a title in Latin?
    - When will we see the following Sorkin Players: Joshua Malina, Ted McGinley, Bradley Whitford, Martin Sheen, Lisa Edelstein, Clark Gregg, Nina Siemazsko?
    - Will Timothy Busfield direct an episode before he guest stars?