Saturday, June 30, 2012

WELL, IT'S NOT BRAZIL, MOROCCO, LONDON, OR IBIZA:  I've got no particular animus towards the rapper/entrepreneur Pitbull; according to our search engine we've never even mentioned him before.

With that disclaimer, I cannot imagine a superior way to harness the capabilities of the Internet than the current effort to exploit a promotion he's doing with Walmart where he has promised to visit the U.S. store receiving the most new "likes" on Facebook, and the masses would like to send him to the remote island of Kodiak, Alaska.  Join in here, and after you like the page, do read its comments.


  1. I love this.

  2. Joseph J. Finn11:37 PM

    Wow, I wish I could Like this more than 15 times. *cough*

  3. Lurker David11:38 PM

    I am not one to join these things.  But I now like Walmart Kodiak.  Totally worth it.

  4. bill.7:33 AM

    I'll just second this comment:

    So Pitbull will now be forced to take a private jet to one of the most beautiful locations on earth and then be paid many thousands of dollars to perform a short promotional concert there.

    You sure showed him.

  5. Jordan11:58 AM

    Kodiak has a Walmart?  When I lived in Anchorage (pop. 300K+), they opened a Target there, and I kid you not, it was front page news for weeks.  It was all they would talk about on the radio.  And this was right around the 2008 election!  While Alaska is the land of strip malls and big box stores, I'm still a little surprised they have one in Kodiak, since it isn't exactly easy getting merchandise there.  So yeah, if this works, it will probably be the biggest story in years.

  6. Meghan12:35 PM

    Is the joke supposed to be on Pitbull or on Walmart?  If the former, sure, it's a win for him.  If it's the latter, I think it's pretty funny.

    Actually, I think it's pretty funny either way.

  7. I think the joke is more on Walmart.  But it's still awesome.

  8. Cold Warrior12:25 AM

    Perhaps he'll run into David Bowie and The Laughing Gnome in Kodiak