Friday, July 6, 2012

TOO DARN HOT:  For those of us on the East Coast, it's been a pretty darn sweltering week and promises to be a sweltering weekend, so it's time for a return of a favorite--a Friday Playlist--and this week's theme?  Hot.  Let's start off with some Buster Poindexter, a little bit of Sondheim, and some Squirrel Nut Zippers.


  1. Watts2:24 PM

    "Hot Fun in the Summertime" - Sly & the Family Stone
    "Hot Stuff" - Donna Summer

    And one about hot times:
    "Under the Boardwalk"

  2. Maggie2:26 PM

    Hot-n-Fun - N.E.R.D.
    Hot Summer Night - Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

  3. Marsha2:45 PM

    You left out your own title number - "Too Darn Hot" - I'm partial to this version:

    "Summer in the City" - Lovin' Spoonful
    "In the Summertime" - Mungo Jerry

    I was reminded of that last one from Amazon's "20 essential songs of summer" - they're offering the downloads for 25 cents each. Worth checking out - there's some fun stuff on there.

  4. Watts2:46 PM

    "Soak Up the Sun" - Sheryl Crow

  5. Marsha2:55 PM

    By the way, I have to call you out on your extremely East-Coast-centric post. The rest of us are f***ing sweltering too. The country has broken over 4000 different temperature records this week- not just in the center of the universe that is NYC. Today we have a bit of a break in Chicago - I think it's only 99 out there. As opposed to 108 on my car themometer on Tuesday afternoon. It's been like this all week. We just have a better electrical grid that's able to handle it because the last time this happened in 1995, 700 people died the first weekend.

  6. I also forgot "The Heat Is On."  (Which has to go on the list of memorable sax riffs alongisde "Baker Street.")

  7. Maggie3:17 PM

    Eric Klinenberg's "Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago" is a fantastic book about the 1995 heat wave - it made a lasting impression on me. 

  8. Everyday Sunshine -- FISHBONE
    (Sorry for the Vevo.  I looked for a live version with decent quality, without success.  That fits though, since it was hard to get close to a Fishbone show back in their golden era without getting jostled quite a bit.)

  9. bill.3:49 PM

    My favorite version of "Too Darn Hot" is probably Erasure's from the Red, Hot + Blue album.

    Scrolling thru the iPod:
    Hot House, X
    Hot Me Hot, Louie Rankin
    Hot Pants, James Brown
    Hot Sauce, Thomas Dolby
    Hot Un, Grandaboy
    Hotwax, Beck
    Too Hot, The Specials
    Summer, War
    Summer, Autoclave
    Summer Home, Typhoon
    Summer Kisses, Winter Tears, Julee Cruise
    Summer of my Life, Archie Roach
    Summer Single, John Wesley Harding
    Summer Song, Dave Brubeck Quartet
    Summertime, Prudence Johnson
    Summertime, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
    Summertime, James Brown & Martha High
    Summertime, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
    Summertime, Janis Joplin
    Freedom Summer, Har Mar Superstar
    Here Comes Summer, Jerry Keller
    In the Summertime, Roger Miller
    Indian Summer, Belle Stars
    Merci for the Speed of a Mad Clown in Summer, Sheila E
    My Summertime Thang, The Time
    That Sunday, That Summer, Nat King Cole
    The Green Fields of Summer, Peter Wolf & Neko Case
    The Last Day of Summer, The Cure
    The Last Rose of Summer, Tom Waits
    Unemployed in Summertime, Emiliana Torrini

  10. bill.4:02 PM

    Sun is Shining, Bob Marley
    Sun Oh Son, WAR
    Sun on the Water, Kirsty MacColl
    Sunless Saturday, Fishbone
    Sunlight of no Light, (Gospel at Colonus)
    Sunny Afternoon, Rickie Lee Jones
    Sunshine, Har Mar Superstar
    Sunshine and Beaches, Madeline
    Sunshine and Ecstasy, Tom Tom Club
    Sunshine of Your Love, Jimi Hendrix
    Sunshower, Dr. Buzzard Original Savannah Band
    Ate the Sun, Mr. Gnome
    Black Sunshine, Me Phi Me
    Blister in the Sun, Violent Femmes
    City of No Sun, PJ Harvey & John Parish
    Fly Into the Sun, Lou Reed
    Saturday Sun, Nick Drake
    Shadow of the Sun, Paul Weller
    The Sun Don't Shine, Ken Layne & the Corvids
    Walkin' in the Sun, Prudence Johnson & Gary Rue
    Yellow Sun, Brenda Kahn

  11. bill.4:13 PM

    favorite song from summer 2012: Dream Baby Dream by Neneh Cherry and the Thing.

  12. Cruel Summer --

    How can you forget the Bananarama! 

  13. Tosy and Cosh4:30 PM

    Another Hot Day - 110 in the Shade. Same dudes who write The Fantasticks, so, good.

  14. Big Joe7:24 PM

    Stay (Wasting Time) - Dave Matthews

  15. Joseph J. Finn8:01 AM

    Yeah, as in don't be elderly and check on your neighbors.  Oy.  (But yes, it's a fantastic dissection of what went wrong).

  16. Uncle Spike2:12 PM

    Dry County, by the B-52' which they sing "The heat of the day's got me in a haze...those lazy days of summer are here."