Thursday, October 4, 2012

NEVER MIND I'LL ASSASSINATE SOMEONE LIKE YOU: Adele's theme for Skyfall has leaked, and it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect--lushly orchestrated, symphonic, and an utter throwback to Shirley Bassey.  After a long run of pretty awful themes (I actually kind of like You Know My Name and The World Is Not Enough, but I'm well aware that's a minority opinion), it's very traditional and old school--will be interesting to see how the movie follows in its footsteps. 

Complicating matters is that the orchestral track clearly samples and is based on the original, longstanding, and beloved Bond Theme.  In order to qualify for an Oscar, the words and music of the song must be "original and written specifically for the motion picture."  This rule has led to some odd disqualifications in recent history--the scores for There Will Be Blood and True Grit were both deemed ineligible due to incorporating preexisiting music, and controversy spurred over Falling Slowly, as it had been recorded previously, even though it was originally written for the film. 

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  1. Sad Brad Smith's beautiful "Help Yourself" from Jason Reitmans "Up in the Air" was also an Oscar frontrunner that got dragged down by the weird Academy rules.