Monday, October 1, 2012

YES, BUT WILL HE CATCH A GRENADE WHILE HOSTING?  After a week off this week (fortunate, if just because it spared us a longer version of the Replacement Refs sketch we got on Weekend Update Thursday), SNL returns live on Saturday with Daniel Craig hosting, and NBC has announced the other two hosts for this month and seems to be playing small, with Christina Applegate getting a second crack at hosting next weekend, and more oddly, Bruno Mars pulling double duty as host and musical guest on October 20.  The 27th may have a live show, and would love to see Tom Hanks promoting Cloud Atlas there.


  1. isaac_spaceman11:51 AM

    Who is Tom Hanks playing in Cloud Atlas? He seems either too young, too old, too male, or not Asian enough for the main characters in each of the stories.

  2. Per Wiki, Hanks is playing " Dr. Henry Goose / Isaac Sachs / Dermot "Duster" Hoggins / "Timothy Cavendish" (actor) / Zachry Bailey."

  3. Adlai1:29 PM

    I look forward to the Tom Hanks-as-Sonmi SNL skit.

  4. isaac_spaceman2:32 PM

    I don't remember Sachs or Hoggins. He's too old for Zachry by a couple of decades. And I am repulsed by the notion of white actors playing Koreans -- smacks of the old Coolie days.

  5. Adlai3:30 PM

    I think they're making Zachry an adult for the movie, so he can fall in love with Halle Berry (according to the back page in the NYT Sunday Magazine yesterday)

  6. isaac_spaceman7:34 PM

    I realize the book (and the movie) messes with your perception of time, but Zachry is too young for M-- and Hanks is too old for Berry. So quit messing with my perception of time. Anyway, not nearly as bad as populating the entire Sonmi story with white supporting players.

  7. Christina Applegate is rad! The last time she hosted was what, back during the debut of Matt Foley? She may have cracked during that sketch (impossible not to), but her delivery was awesome. Also, that could mean a Maya Rudolph appearance.

    Bruno Mars is a hell of a showman, with a lot of energy. I like that they're giving him a shot. He may surprise you.

    Of these three, I'm most nervous for Daniel Craig. He's an awesome actor, but I don't think he's done a lot of comedy.... (bringing up imdb, click type click....) Oh wait, he was in Casino Royale? That movie was hilarious!