Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WE HAVE TO GO BACK: A Twitter exchange between Our Friends Alan Sepinwall and Linda Holmes reminded me that two shows I watch on Mondays--HIMYM and Castle--have a similar problem, but have dealt with it in altogether different ways.  In both cases, the "mythology" of the series--in HIMYM's case, not only the Mother story but all the various flashbacks and flashforwards they've set, and in Castle's case, the "conspiracy that killed Beckett's mom" storyline--has become an utter bore.  The difference is, the two shows have handled the problem very differently.  HIMYM now feels painted in--it's impossible to get invested in any of the relationships we currently have on the show because we know they're going to come to an end.   We knew Barney and Quinn were going to breakup, we just didn't know how that'd happen.

In contrast, Castle takes the opposite track, completely ignoring the "mythology" in at least half the episodes, and having much more fun when it does.  (Last night's was a great example of that, as well as of how they've managed to handle and overcome the so-called "Moonlighting curse" and keep things funny and spry despite resolving the unresolved sexual tension between Castle and Beckett.)


  1. I agree about Castle. Whenever there is a "mythology" show, my husband looks at me mournfully and says something along the lines of how much he enjoyed the soap opera episode. He's out of town, so didn't see last night's, but I think he'll be pleased.

  2. I get annoyed with Castle whenever the show feels like it should be called "Beckett." Stana Katic seems nice enough and all, but how much of that show works because of the appeal of Nathan Fillion? Stop sidelining him for her and her angsty extensions.

    Also, what's up with the overwhelmingly golden lighting in Castle's apartment these days?

  3. Adam B.11:04 AM

    Last night HIMYM confirmed that I have no interest in watching another episode until folks proclaim something special has happened. It was wretchedly sitcommy at its worst.

  4. Adam C.11:26 AM

    Me too - I said at the beginning of this season it would be a short, short leash for HIMYM, and that leash hit its limit with last night's wretched episode. I'm officially out.

  5. My feeling on shows that have a laugh track is - as long as I'm laughing at the same times as the audience, I'm ok with it. But if they're laughing and I'm not, I can't stand to watch the show anymore.

    I used to laugh in the "right" places when watching HIMYM and not anymore.

  6. Adam C.3:07 PM

    I don't think I laughed at all at last night's ep. I did say to my wife at one point, "This show just gets worse and worse." And she said, "Yet you keep watching it." Yep, epiphany moment right there - I knew it was time to let go.