Sunday, September 30, 2012

ON THE IDIOT BOX:  A few quick thoughts on fall TV that we haven't covered here already (starting with Monday):
  • Revolution:  I think I'm sold for at least a while longer, though I think the show would be far more interesting if it focused more on the adults and less on the whiny teenagers and more on the adults, perhaps with a more flashback-intensive structure.  I'm fascinated in particular by how Google guy was and wasn't changed by the blackout, and we haven't really explored it at all.
  • NCIS:  We don't talk about TV's #1 drama much here, but despite the lack of real consequences stemming from the cliffhanger and the annoying disappearance of Jamie Lee Curtis' character, that was a darn solid season opener.  Particular credit to the writers for making Harper Deering both a legitimate Big Bad who could go toe to toe with Gibbs while not letting him descend into mustache-twirling villainy.
  • Private Practice:  I run hot and cold on the show (with the "Charlotte gets raped" plot being the high point), and was both hot and cold on the premiere, but have to give credit for a pretty darn audacious chronological structure in the premiere, which also has the benefit of showing how the show might work without Kate Walsh.
  • Vegas:  I'd be much more interested in the cable version of this show, with a clear ending, rather than what it seems like we're going to get, which is "Dennis Quaid kicks ass of crimes which are masterminded by Michael Chiklis."  And creepy to see Ron Butterfield playing a character with moral ambiguity.
  • Last Resort:  Man, that was one hell of a pilot, and I can see this spinning a very good yarn for 10 episodes, but spinning it for 22 episodes, much less multiple seasons?  That's a dicey proposition.  The good news is that ratings suggest we're likely not going to see more than 13.  I hope ABC lets Shawn Ryan and his team wrap it up (and gets Andre Braugher an Emmy for Best Actor--Miniseries/Movie next year).
  • Elementary--On Sherlock, the title character describes himself as "a high-functioning sociopath."  Here, he's kind of just an asshole, and the show winds up pretty devoid of humor as a result.  I do like the Miller/Liu quasi-bromantic chemistry, though, and it'll get a few more episodes to prove itself.
  • Made In Jersey--Filmed in and around my office building, so I felt obliged to watch, but man, that's a show that desperately needs a legal consultant.  The Good Wife manages to wring good drama while still being somewhat realistic about what lawyers actually do, and I wish this show could as well.


  1. Jordan10:21 PM

    I flipped to Elementary about a quarter of the way through and watched a couple minutes. My reaction: ugh, he's even dressed like Cumberbatch. Speaking down to (well, at) people while waiving an iPhone just doesn't work without Moffat's snappy dialogue.

  2. I liked Elementary, but I'm probably its target audience, as I enjoy a good CBS procedural. Hell, I usually even enjoy the mediocre ones. Though I think I'm gonna bail on The Mentalist this year, and maybe CSI, too. I just don't care anymore. I thought Vegas was a huge snooze. The leads are way too talented for that script, and you can't just stand them there and then not give them anything interesting to say, and still expect them to carry the show.

    I'm also about to cut Revolution loose, though I'll probably watch a couple more times to be sure. I don't know why they're all following the teenage girl who makes bad decisions.

    I thought Fringe and Once Upon a Time both got off to great starts. Bones was disjointed and a little confusing. I also happened to stumble upon that Call the Midwife last night, and that was pretty charming. I may give up on The Mentalist and add that in on my busy Sundays.

  3. Gleemonex_for_Pets2:35 PM

    I almost gave up on Revolution after the pilot, but talked myself into the second ep, which was ... better. But why god why can't they just play it straight? Just explore what f'ing happens to life in a technologically dependent society when the juice runs dry? Why's there gotta be a Quest from episode one? Also: yes, more adults, less whiny teenagers. Also: I'm pretty sure you couldn't just stroll into Chicago like that without getting jumped and sliced up for parts. Ehhh ... I'm trying. I'll give it another ep or two.

  4. Nigel from Cameroon3:08 PM

    I wanted more out of Last Resort...the pilot had an obvious quality to it, but thought some of the storylines were cheesy