Friday, January 25, 2013

FINALLY, A CREED CONCERT PEOPLE WILL SEE WILLINGLY:  Folks, Creed Bratton is going on tour:
An American actor and musician, a former member of The Grass Roots with hits like "Let's Live for Today" and "Midnight Confessions". Nowadays, he is best known for playing a fictional version of himself on the American adaptation of the hit television show "The Office" on NBC. Creed's show is a musical journey. He'll play a selection of songs from his beginnings in folk with the "Young Californians", complete with his comic tales of hitch hiking through Europe and Africa in the 60's. Also a candid account of his insane time with the The Grass Roots. The often touching yet still funny stories of his down and out days before he made it on "The Office". All the while playing songs from his six solo albums and perhaps even a Grass Root tune thrown in. You'll laugh you'll cry and wet your seat. Creed Bratton is an enigma to himself…. even though he'll deny it. HE expects to be sued by all of "The Office" cast members after this tour.

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