Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FROM THE ALOTT5MA FAKE SAMOAN GIRLFRIEND DESK:  For whatever it's worth, newly released phone records and flower delivery receipts seem to confirm that Manti Te'o was really stupid regarding, and largely not complicit in, all the mishegoss.

In related news, the Cleveland Cavaliers last night introduced the Manti Te'o Kiss Cam, and on April 12 the San Jose Giants will host Lennay Kekau Night, with catfish on the menu and all ticketed fans being allowed to bring one imaginary (or real) significant other to the game for free.

updated Thursday: Oh, come on, really? It was Ronaiah Tuiasosospo on the phone the whole time, disguising his voice as a woman's.


  1. The Lennay Kekua Night is freaking hilarious. That's brilliant.

  2. If the "SNL" and "Daily Show" takes are any indication, Manti is going to come out of this okay, known as a gullible, trusting, naive and dumb guy, but not a bad one. (Which is fair.)

    I enjoyed Ivan Maisel's column today:

  3. Adam B.9:06 PM

    Actually, can't Te'o come out of this brilliantly with a self-deprecating SNL cameo?

  4. I think so, yes. Didn't Anne Hathaway talk about her conman boyfriend in a monologue, and how she had gotten over him by meeting a wealthy Nigerian prince online?