Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THAT WAS JUST A DREAM:  "Losing My Religion," remixed and processed so that all the minor notes are now majors. It is very wrong, yet undeniably catchy.


  1. Chuck1:38 PM

    Well, that's jarring, isn't it. What's weird is that they have some of the minor chords, most notably during the intro and then the chord at 1:36/1:37-ish ("laughing"). Even weirder, in the original, the chord at 1:36-1:37 ("laughing") is a MAJOR chord, so they must have felt they needed to alter some chords to minor to prevent dissonance or the feeling that the song was in two different keys. Someone with a better background in music theory can explain this, I'm sure. I also checked out the same person's transposition of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. Very cool stuff.

  2. I heard this over the weekend, along with major versions of "Riders on the Storm" and "White Rabbit." "White Rabbit" also has a shuffle beat behind it, so it's almost head-bopping music.