Thursday, February 14, 2013

AS IF. I AM ONLY SIXTEEN, AND THIS IS CALIFORNIA, NOT KENTUCKY:  Grierson and Leitch pick romcom couples who clearly didn't belong together, a list to which I'd like to add (1) either potential couple in My Best Friend's Wedding and (2) Heigl and Rogen in Knocked Up. Really? That's gonna work?


  1. Marsha10:27 AM

    And, of course, Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral. He's an unreformed ass, and she's personalityless. He belongs with Kristin Scott Thomas.

    Then again, no one belongs with Andie MacDowell.

  2. This list could be SO much longer. I'd add Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook (really, NEITHER of them are employable), and my least favorite rom-com couple of all time, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Am I really supposed to be happy that two loathsome people get together?

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  4. Adam B.10:48 AM

    He's totally employable: falling in love cures mental illness, remember? Isn't that the whole message of the movie?

  5. Yes, much as I liked most of Silver Linings Playbook, I found the film's treatment of mental illness at the end to be very superficial. I do think that there's an interesting relationship there, but the idea that the relationship magically solves all their (considerable) problems made me like the movie less.

  6. bellawilfer11:24 AM

    I completely disagree about Cher and Josh not belonging together. He grounds her in a way that no one else in her life does, and she lightens him up. And yes, I am somehow talking about them as if they are real people. As for those who DON'T belong together, I for years have been leaving various mediocre romcoms and saying "and the next day, they broke up."

  7. Joseph Finn12:04 PM

    Also, they're no longer step-siblings. (Plus, c'mon, they're only 2 years apart.)

  8. How about Jerry and Dorothy in Jerry Maguire? I love the movie, especially its sharp, observant screenplay, but would those two crazy kids really be able to make a go of it?

  9. Look, this is a movie in which the Eagles make the playoffs, so clearly they're not going for realism.

  10. Adam B.1:32 PM

    If they had gone far in the playoffs, I'd see your point.

  11. isaac_spaceman1:52 PM

    Isn't the point of the rom-com that the couple shouldn't be together? That's literally every romatic comedy.

  12. Adam B.2:23 PM

    No. The point is that they don't realize they should be together, and often involve couples who are together, fall apart, and need to recognize the reasons for re-marrying.

  13. isaac_spaceman4:54 PM

    No, that's too reductive. The reason that they (as characters) don't realize they should be together is the same reason that we (as viewers) know they should not be together. He's a grumpy cynic; she's an good-hearted optimist. He's a calculating realist; she's a flighty dreamer. He's an in-the-moment rebel; she's a work-focused control freak. They're both serial philanderers. The central premise of the rom-com is that love bridges those divides (or neutralizes that last destructive similarity), but the central premise of this who-is-mismatched question is the reality that similarities (other than a shared pride in wrecking relationships) have a stronger correlation to long-term romantic success than do profound differences.

  14. Adlai7:42 PM

    George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Ocean's 11. Nope.